Grain Quality Control

Our mill has a long tradition of quality. All our products are of the same quality as the organic goods we receive from our farmers. Everything is freshly harvested and carefully delivered before it runs through the first inspection and the food testing laboratory. Furthermore, our grains run through cleaning machines that clear out dust, stones and other weeds not needed.

The baking quality of wheat is highly affected by natural conditions like soil and weather. Crusty bread can not look flat and unenjoyable – that´s why we have our flour tested on a regular basis. If the baking quality of our flour is convincing, it moves on to the next step of procession.

For us at Rosenfellner Mill it is important that the entire manufacturing process is handled with care, following our standards of cleanliness. This is why we can guarantee the high quality of all our products and a great cooking and baking experience for all our costumers.