A tradition of quality

Once upon a time… there was an ancient, traditional mill that belonged to a Lord. The old book of guilds tells us all about it: The skilled crafts and trades of the millers at this location existed even before 1386. Rosenfellner Mill has been a family-owned business since 1932. Monika Rosenfellner, as the 3rd generation, is now leading the mill following her father and grandfather.

The smell of freshly ground flour has been part of Monika Rosenfellner´s life since the day she was born. The great aroma at the mill is still there, and so is Monika Rosenfellner‘s passion for the crafts and trades of the millers. Today, Rosenfellner Mill focuses on producing organic products for a healthy nutrition. Furthermore, new ideas like baking mixes and products for children bring a great variety to the large assortment at Rosenfellner Mill.