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Organic Baby nibblesticks

Crunchy, glutenfree and non-fat: This nibblesticks are made for babyhands.
They come in two flavours - natural or carrot. No salt, no sugar added.
For babys from the age of 8 month.

* Jammi! Organic Baby nibblesticks natural glutenfree, 30 g
* Jammi! Organic Baby nibblesticks carrot glutenfree, 30 g


Organic Lactation Balls

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Small, but oh my word! Our new Organic Lactation Balls give nursing mothers concentrated power and energy thanks to their fine cereal and carefully selected ingredients. High-quality cereal, grains, spices and fruit support your body throughout the exhausting breastfeeding period. These little energy balls are available in three varieties:

* Organic Lactation Balls basic 200g
* Organic Lactation Balls linseed & aniseed 200g
* Organic Lactation Balls fruit 200g

From mum-to-mum: our miller answers the most frequently asked questions

What are lactation balls?
Lactation balls are also known as energy balls. They are a useful power snack for in-between meals and stimulate lactation.

Why do lactation balls help stimulate lactation?
Stress and an imbalanced diet can affect breast milk production negatively. We use top-quality, specially selected organic ingredients to aid a balanced diet. Not only this, but our lactation balls contain specially roasted cereals and, for instance, linseed, which promotes lactation.

Can I eat lactation balls after stopping breastfeeding?
Our lactation balls give you an energy boost in any situation. I like to eat them as a snack at the office -- for example, during a stressful day.

How many balls should I eat per day?
I would recommend a minimum of 8 balls per day. However, should mum have some really stressful days or nights, or just feel a little bit peckish, she can have more.

How do I store lactation balls and how long do they keep?
The ready-made balls should be stored in a cool, dry place, preferably the fridge, and consumed within 5 days. The dry mixture keeps for 8 months.

How many balls can I make from the dry mixture?
You can get about 40 balls from a 200g box of dry mix.

How do I make the lactation balls?
Add 30 g butter or ghee, 50 g honey and 120 ml water to the dry mix, as well as 30 g almond puree to taste. There are several ways to prepare the balls:

Option 1: roast the mix, using no oil, while stirring until light brown. Take it off the stove and mix it in with the other ingredients. Moisten your hands and form little balls (approx. 2 cm) from the dough. The finished balls can be rolled in coconut flakes or cocoa powder.

Option 2: add about 5g of chopped nuts (hazelnut, cashew or almonds) to the mix. Continue preparation as described in Option 1.

Vegan option: replace the butter with the same amount of coconut oil or Alsan vegan margarine and the honey with the same amount of rice, agave or maple syrup.

Enjoy these moments with your baby

Monika Rosenfellner, Mill Owner and Mother