Quality combined with tradition: Organic flour & semolina

There are many different types of flour: clean, white, brown, hard or soft, glutenfree. Producing flour requires specific knowledge and a lot of experience – something we have carried in our hearts for many years.

Our products range from classic wheat flour which we use for our crunchy bread and fluffy cakes to finely milled brown millet flour for our nutrition-conscious consumers – we have a large variety of organic flours for everyone´s taste.

The following types of organic flour & semolina are available:
wheat flour T480 fine milled, wheat flour T480 stogy milled, wheat flour universal T700, wheat flour T1600, wholewheat flour, wheat bran, rye flour T960, wholerye flour, spelt flour universal light, spelt flour stogy milled, wohlespelt flour, spelt bran, brown wohle millet flour extra, rice flour glutenfree, millet flour glutenfree, buckwheat flour glutenfree, corn flour, soya flour, corn starch glutenfree, seasonal gingerbread flour

millet flour milled by millstone, buckwheat flour milled by millstone, wholespelt flour milled by millstone

semolina dumpling mix with herbs, wheat semolina, wholewheat semolina, spelt semolina light, wholespelt semolina, corn semolina rough, corn semolina fine