Lets make a cake: Organic baking ingredients, products baked & dryed fruits

Baking is a lot of fun and homemade goodies made with the products of Rosenfellner Mill are yummylicious.

We carry a variety of high quality ingredients for your baking experience: cinnamon and vanilla sugar for an aromatic note, raw cane sugar for yummy sweetness, fine sea salt for natural seasoning, wholewheat bread crumbs or wholespelt-dumpling bread for a great taste, nut-raisin mixes and a variety of dryed fruits for everyone with a sweet tooth. We also carry organic lady´s fingers, spelt or glutenfree.

The following baking ingredients and products baked are available:
raw cane sugar, vanilla sugar, cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, sea salt fine, spelt lady’s fingers, wholespelt bread crumbs, wholespelt-dumpling bread, wholewheat bread crumbs, wholewheat-dumpling bread, spelt baked peas

We have a wide variety of dryed fruits:
plum, raisin, nut-raisin mix, coconut grated, apricot